I believe that more Americans suffer from Cognitive Dissonance than I had originally thought. Originally, I had thought it was only those who voted for Donald Trump and of course that "anti-establishment" crowd of Bern-nuts. Now I'm starting to think many democrats suffer from a different more dangerous kind of cognitive dissonance.

In the event of chaotic situations, the human brain, naturally, seeks order. This is from whence comes conspiracy theories. It is, I believe, an emotional response, to an illogical problem. When something causes anxiety in a person, the lizard brain(limbic system of the brain) is want to take over, while the prefrontal cortex( handles higher reasoning and impulse control) is still trying to find order amidst the chaos.

I said all of that to say this; the idea that someone so contrary to everything we have come to expect in a president, that something so psychopathic can wind its way into our political system, before our very eyes, with us still powerless to affect any meaningful resistance against it, is terrifying. So the brain easily accepts the "face" it is shown in the midst of all this — that of the buffoon.

This image of a buffoon first worked on Hillary Clinton. Hillary and her crew had such dissonance because they just could not wrap their heads around someone, so seemingly stupid, ever being president. They had so much dissonance in that they willingly accepted the ready-made fiction, that he was simply too stupid to ever win.

The problem is, they are still mired in the same manufactured dissonance. Everyone complains about Russian meddling and yet are missing the fact that Donald is still using the Russian propaganda playbook.

He may be a buffoon, but he is not stupid. He played, intentionally, right into the hands and hearts of the dumbest segment of the American populous.

Knowing how easy it would be to lead them on and beat Hillary via the electoral college. That was not stupid folks. At this point, that was political savvy. “But he was not too stupid to win!!! See!!!? The popular vote! He lost!? But how? Why? What?" These same confused people still believe he is too stupid to be president even though he actually became president.

These same Democrats are so steeped in cognitive dissonance that they still believe the original con-game that was played on them. This type of dissonance is the lifeblood of every con-game. They count on it. Hence the phrase "There is a sucker born every minute."

"No one in this world, so far as I know, has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people." This quote has been often misattributed and its origin can't be ironed down. Suffice it to say, I did not say it. Nor, apparently, did HL Mencken or PT Barnum, but it is appropo. FIN