As Texas prepares for Hurricane Harvey, Donald Trump is using his social media accounts to communicate with the American people about any updates involving the storm at hand. After one of his tweets included a comical error, social media critics didn't hold back their thoughts.

Trump on Hurricane Harvey

Ever since Donald Trump announced his campaign for president back in June 2015 on the floor of Trump Tower in New York City, he's been at constant odds with the media. Due to his strained relationship with the press, the former host of "The Apprentice" has relied on social media to promote his message in an attempt to bypass the traditional press as often as possible.

Fast forward to present day and Trump has only increased his use of Twitter after nearly eight months in office. Over the last 24 hours, the president has taken to the social media platform to update the country on Hurricane Harvey, which has been listed as a category 3 with winds up to 125 MPH as of press time. In between his routine tweetstorms about the "fake news," Trump made an embarrassing blunder about the hurricane during a tweet on August 25.

Taking to his Twitter account on Friday, Donald Trump posted several tweets about Hurricane Harvey, with one causing many to poke fun at the commander in chief.

"Just arrived at Camp David, where I am monitoring the path and doings of Hurricane Harvey (as it strengthens to a Class 3)," Trump tweeted, before adding, "125 MPH winds!"

"Storm turned Hurricane is getting much bigger and more powerful than projected," Trump posted in a follow-up tweet, while noting, "Federal Government is on site and ready to respond.

Be safe!" The problem with Donald Trump's tweet was that he referred to Hurricane Harvey as "class 3," instead of the proper terminology of "category 3."

Twitter reacts

After Donald Trump sent his tweet about Hurricane Harvey, it didn't take long before he was quickly trolled over the issue.

"It's "category 3" not "class 3". Oh Boy!!! We are in trouble!!" one Twitter account pointed out.

"Your Alzheimers is getting out of hand. You're tweeting the same thing over and over again," another Twitter user added, before stating, "Can't wait for you to go to prison." "Donnie's dementia is on fleek today," actor Tommy Campbell wrote.

"I think you mean category. I'm curious though...what are 'doings'?" another tweet read. As the backlash continued, it showed that even with a serious storm taking place in the United States, the political divide between those who support Donald Trump and those who are critics will not end anytime soon.