I was going to write about the White House press briefing and Trumps rejection of DACA, but something else forced it’s way to the fore of my mind. Everyone that speaks for Donald Trump comes off, to me, as a petulant lying bully. Not every now and then mind you, but every single time.

Trump, Spicer, Huckabee-Sanders and the rest of the White House Liars

Every single time anyone speaks for Donald Trump, including Donald Trump, I’m reaching for antacids and alcohol at once. I find comfort in the image of the speaker having just had their face beat mercilessly.

The same as I do with any liar that I am forced to listen to for any length of time.

Sean Spicer was the first example. He was the nervous, angry one of the White House Liars. When Spicer first arrived I sort of pitied him. I imagined him being stuck in a really bad career move. I saw him trying, and failing, to make the best of it. As time went on, however, I needed alcohol just to listen to him. I found familiar comfort in imagining him getting hit by a car or Mike Tyson.

I just needed a drink, or maybe a benzo of some sort. I don’t think it was him, I think it was this rage I get at the audacity of these people to lie so coldly, continuously, and maliciously to millions of people, with practically a smirk on their faces.

It was rage against this Heinz 57 of personality disorders that has taken the Presidency of The United States of America. This bully, liar, tyrant.

I can find no more comfort in this shadow of a woman that is filling the position of White House Liar. Just the sound of Sarah Huckabee-Sanders’ voice actually gives me reflux. She lies and then has the audacity to defend it at the level of some juvenile delinquent.

More often though, Huckabee-Sanders just parrots the same tiresome subterfuge. She is certainly adept at pathological deception. But again, it matters not who the mouthpiece is or what they are regurgitating, this entire presidency, to date, has been farcical.

An American Idiocracy in our White House

In the end, it matters not one iota what these people say, they are reading from a frighteningly surreal fiction.

I know it’s not real and it makes me angry. I have ceased looking at White House press briefings as anything but a tiresome exercise in lie detection, fact checking, and blood pressure control.

It’s as if they are presented to the American people with no other purpose but mass obfuscation. We, the American people, are being subjected to deception and psychological operations by our own White House. It is as if some alien species has taken over our White House and the public is powerless to stop it.

The end of the current White House needs to be achieved, sooner rather than later. It’s time we stopped giving these liars or these lies an audience, and instead focus the entire nation on removing these imposters from this hallowed ground. This should have never happened to begin with. If we wait too long I fear the cognitive dissonance will somehow become commonplace. Enter American Idiocracy.