There is much that the rich are not privy to. In the realm of basic knowledge, the rich are hyper-deficient. Here are two axioms that the rich simply do not see or understand. The first is that justice and equality are synonyms. The second is that economic polarization is a recipe for general suicide. There are many ways to say these obvious things. None of them is capable of swaying most all of the GOP Senators down in the place that once censured Joe McCarthy and did itself proud. Your reporter watched from the press balcony.

It's really true.

The world would achieve unprecedented prosperity simply by doing the right thing. But to actually succeed we have to deal with a seemingly impossible hurdle. The Senate GOP is beholden to those that have the most and when you have the most you hold on.


This means only force, the force of popular will in a functioning democracy, can achieve the legislation needed to level things off. It could be done rationally and with goodwill. But we do not celebrate these virtues much these days. Either way, there must be reason and reality is on the side of equality. The challenge to equality is palpable, as today's lead story indicates.

The photo with the tweet above shows the look of slavery when it appears in Senatorial suits and on the faces of persons who were once normal.

These people have been brainwashed by the blandishments of wealth. And brainwash you the rich will. Those meals. Those smells. Those trips to unseen inner sanctuaries. But above all, the aura that says this is the way things are and will always be. Oh, joy.

This is what it is like when you believe history is within your control.

But false premises come home to roost, as our assassinated hero Malcolm once noted. Malcolm died nonviolent and middle class. He didn't need progressive posturing or radical clap track. He and Martin were on the same page at the end. They both knew that the answer was disarmingly simple.

Level and win

There is a nob in the world.

When you turn it up too far it pushes everything up to the tip top and things go haywire. When you turn it down to the point that the distribution within the whole is reasonable, somewhat as suggested in the story of the three bears, life improves for all. We want to have people succeed and become celebrated. But not in an obscene way. We want to ensure that all have enough to do what they need to do. But not in a vindictive way.

Don't sneer

Don't sneer at goodness. It's not becoming. The change this century is about is how to get a little better. We are doing it. This is the cathartic stage. We need to get rid of all the really bad stuff the plutocracy values. Hopefully, we are on the eve of reason, a cessation of hostilities, and common sense. Oh, and we will not cave to Wall Street this time.