"Supernatural" has been one of the longest running TV Shows on the history of Sci-Fi television. However, CW made the surprise announcement (not much of a surprise because who would dare to face the wrath of the "Supernatural" fandom) that the show, along with many others, was renewed for a new season. Season 13 here we go! The new season will premiere on CW on Thursday, October 12, at 8 p.m. Mark your calendar!

The death of Castiel

As spoiled by Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester could not keep the cat in the bag), and revealed a little later by Misha Collins himself, Castiel will be returning in "Supernatural" again in season 13 (although we just saw him get stabbed without mercy right in front of Sam and Dean's eyes), as deaths in this fictional realm are not always permanent.

Just like when other angels get killed, we saw a blinding light emerge from his chest, and then he was "gone." Sam and Dean were left in awe over their fallen angel. However, fans did not buy this for long and knew that something would happen in the plot line to make Castiel come back. According to a tweet back in May by Misha Collins, the angel is still alive and will be returning with a much- anticipated future to look forward to.

The return of Chuck

So far it has been confirmed from the show runners and the actor himself (over and over in order to convince the fans) that Crowley will not be returning the next seasons (cited in TV-Line), and his death this time will be permanent (he liked the fact that Crowley's story line ended in such an honorable death).

TV Line confirmed recently that Mark Sheppard made his farewells to the cast and the fans and expressed his gratitude for being part of the "Supernatural" family. As it has been confirmed that Castiel will be returning, one of the possible storylines that is likely to unveil is the one of Chuck bringing him back to life (again as it happened before in the finale of season 5).

He is powerful enough to bring him back to life. In the finale of season 5, God had not been introduced yet as Chuck, although there were many clues to indicate such a revelation. When Castiel was brought back to life God was only referenced as the Higher Power who did it. After the last episodes of season 11, when God finally appeared to stop Amara and left together with his sister, hs reappearance is not a remote possibility after all.

There is also a chance of him returning more regularly on "Supernatural", rather than just making occasional appearances.

According to Misha Collins, the fans should expect to see a changed Castiel and be ready for anything. Furthermore, as some fan theories stated, Lucifer might have killed the alternate dimension of Castiel, or the alternate dimension of Castiel might be the one joining Team Free Will for the upcoming season 13.