Once again number 45 has shown his indifference to Americans who do not look as he does. This time he put his foot in his mouth during an event to honor WWII Native American code talkers. The president referred to Elizabeth Warren as "Pocahontas," something he has done on a few other occasions. The 3 Navajo men he was talking with did not respond to the comment. The liberal Senator, however, immediately said that calling her by that name is a racial slur. White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders quickly countered by saying the real offense is that Elizabeth Warren has lied about having Native American ancestry.

Donald Trump keeps showing himself to be intolerant

Donald Trump has managed to insult practically every ethnic and minority group in the nation since taking office. He has said things that have offended Latinos, African-Americans, women, the LBGTQ community, Puerto Ricans, and now Native Americans. The only groups that he steers away from are the White Supremacists and white males. It is unfortunate that Sarah Huckabee Sanders must make her living trying to clean up his messes by throwing shade on those the president has insulted.

Warren was so upset that she told MSNBC that Trump ruined the event which was to honor the three Navajo men for writing codes during the second world war. There is controversy surrounding the notion that the Senator is indeed of Native American ancestry but that does not excuse the president for his use of Pocahontas in addressing Elizabeth Warren.

It is troubling that the man who resides in the Oval Office continues to show himself to be intolerant of those who are different.

The Donald is not going to change

President Trump referring to Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas was highly inappropriate. The Navajo nation is very concerned that his use of the name of this historical figure indicates that he has problems with them as he does with other minorities.

Number 45 clearly continues to be ill at ease with certain Americans and does not know how to relate or what to say to them.

It is very disheartening to know that a segment of America continues to support Donald Trump despite the fact that he is only a president to his base. His offending Elizabeth Warren should cause even his most ardent supporters to take note.

It's time to make this commander-in-chief accountable for his offending words that are alienating many U.S. citizens. This is not making America great again but causing hate to rise within those who have held it. They now feel empowered by the president and it's wrong.