On "General Hospital" Franco's sins are ever before him. Most every resident in Port Charles is holding a grudge because of his past actions. Even though he was cleared of his crimes because he had a brain tumor, it seems those around him are not willing to forgive or forget. In every encounter with Sam or the two men who believe they are Jason Morgan, there is always friction. Both Billy Miller and Steve Burton's characters are always just a breath away from pummeling Elizabeth's boyfriend into the ground. This is tiring and fans want it to stop.

If others on GH can be redeemed, then so can the son of Scott Baldwin.

Franco is becoming pathetic

The character of Franco is being written in a way that has him always ducking blows and cowering like a woman in an abusive relationship. He has apologized for his past errors, is working steadily and has a great relationship with Liz and her children. Jake especially loves this father figure who came into his life. Unfortunately, Sam cannot even stand to be in a room with him and always reminds Franco of how he tortured her and allowed Jason to believe she was raped.

The son of Heather Weber and Scot Baldwin is becoming quite pathetic as he is always defending himself when either of the two Jasons are around.

Although Carly cheated on him she blames her former fiancee for all their problems and Sonny calls him a freak. It's understandable they are angry because Franco had Michael raped in prison, but this is "General Hospital" where Laura married Luke who had raped her and he became a hero on the show.

Sam, Jason, and Andrew need to move on

Port Charles residents need to move forward as Franco has been doing a pretty good job of redeeming himself. Sam, Jason, and Andrew especially, should focus their energy elsewhere. Whenever they are all together in a room the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Sam also is holding a strong grudge against her father Julian, which needs to end.

The writers for "General Hospital" certainly can come up with something better for the Jasons and their wife to do. If Michael can forgive Sonny for killing A.J., then certainly Franco can be tolerated a little better. To be fair, Monica hated Mr. Corinthos and said that he had taken both of her sons from her, but viewers did not see Mrs. Quartermaine expressing her wrath on a constant basis. Frank Valentini the executive producer of 'GH' is capable of much better and the fans deserve more.