On Tuesday's episode of "General Hospital" a number of Port Charles residents were in shock after watching a press conference, called by Nora Buchanan. She read a statement on live television that may exonerate Julian Jerome and lead to all charges against him being dropped. Mrs. Buchanan spoke on behalf of Olivia Jerome because Scott reached out to the mobster's wife. This led Alexis to make a visit to both Valentin and Nora. The result was Olivia agreeing to make a sworn statement indicating that she threatened her brother's loved ones. She also stated that Olivia made it very clear that Julian's family would be in grave danger if her sibling had not done her bidding.

The chain of events that will set Julian free

Viewers already know that William deVry has renewed his GH contract, but no details came forth as to how his character would be able to exit Pentonville. Last week, however, Scott Baldwin notified Alexis that her spouse was beaten within an inch of his life and it was dangerous for him to remain imprisoned. This caused Julian's wife to visit him in prison and the sight of his bruised face caused her to be very troubled.

Alexis later figured out that Nora was representing both Olivia Jerome and Valentin Cassadine. She paid a visit to her half-brother letting him know that she was aware of the connection. She also suggested that Valentin was paying the attorney fees for her husband's older sibling.

Alexis eventually convinced the Cassadine heir that it was in his best interest to see that Olivia exonerated her brother. The next stop the lawyer made was to her colleague Nora, but she left not knowing for certain if she got through.

Nora reads Olivia's statement

On Tuesday Nora held a press conference and read a prepared statement that was from Olivia Jerome.

Many Port Charles residents were watching and in shock at this turn of events. Sonny and Carly were troubled while Sam was dumbfounded and took note that her mother did not seem very surprised by the news. Alexis went on to explain to her daughter that she and Julian had much in common and both came from worlds filled with drama.

Sam did not look pleased but this obviously is the opening that lets GH fans know a "Julexis" reunion is soon coming. Scott, Nora, Oliva, Valentin, and Alexis all have set in motion the return of Julian Jerome to Port Charles. It also looks like his wife is preparing to forgive and forget which will be exciting news for fans of the popular couple.