We are witnessing the reduction to absurdity of the politics of fear. The justice of so-called populism lies in legitimate concerns about fairness. The error of fear politics lies in arguing that one group must suffer for another to flourish.

We are on the threshold of eliminating the need for the unfairness of any sort. We are at the point that peace and Democracy can be normal and not a respite from endless war. We can overcome ignorance and want.

Let’s dispatch the Dictators then.

The job

The task of ending dictatorships is almost entirely a matter of creating popular uprisings that are by their nature and impetus completely nonviolent.

Ending dictatorships are accomplished by ending them. That is only the first stage.

On one level this will happen because consciousness is undergoing a global sea change. Instead of bringing about change by means of uprisings that will fade away, we will see a widespread willingness to build a world that is new, from bottom up.


The goal will be to create globally an entirely different infrastructure than what we see today in repeated emulation of high rise skylines and car filled freeways.

We will create #cybercommunities that educate everyone who seeks knowledge and skill. These will have freedom and safety built in because we will be insistent on the core values as the basic floor on which we build.

Today’s world will be the old world and it will adjust to the new. The ways of the new will reflect the ethics of a triadic consciousness. Families will proceed on the basis of tolerance and helpfulness. Democracy will be more and more practiced in homes and neighborhoods.

Binary states

Unquestionably the biggest challenge is not the obvious dictatorships.

It is the binary deep state that owns and controls the armaments that keep the world in thrall. It is the mogul world. I say we turn some of the moguls. Flip them. The first ones who see the future I am suggesting will be the role-models for the businesses we will value and need in the centuries to come.


Democracy includes the urging of constitutional rule, the promise of free and fair elections and all the elements of a government of, by and for the people.

The United Nations has for years assisted countries in creating the democratic rule.

There are 123 democracies now among 190 nations. That’s two-thirds of the way to full democracies by the next century. How will we get there? By doing what people will do when they are ready for it.