On "General Hospital" it looks like Patient 6 is going to be Jason and Jake Doe will be Andrew the twin. Diane Miller has joined Carly and Sonny, in believing that the man from Russia is the real deal. Sam and Monica are not sure what to believe, and Curtis is standing by the only Jason he has ever known. On Tuesday Carly pushed Sam to look deep into her heart and acknowledge what is hidden there, but viewers must remember that this is a 9-month storyline. It's possible that the truth could be revealed early on and the details of how it all went down could take until next summer.

Port Charles residents and viewers, however, should not be too quick in deciding the identity of the twins.

The case for Steve Burton to be Jason

Steve Burton originated the part of the son of Alan Quartermaine and Susan Moore. His personality is very distinct and he processes situations and rarely acts without processing the situation. Billy Miller, on the other hand, is brash and most often wears his feelings on his sleeve. Since finding out about each other Miller has been staking his claim and accusing his twin of trying to take over his life. When he found out they shared DNA he immediately began referring to his brother as "Drew." Only once did he entertain the idea that he himself may be the other twin, and that was when he was talking to Monica.

Miller's character is too quick to protest and not look objectively at the situation so this might imply that he may be Andrew and does not want anyone to know. Patient 6 has been pretty much understanding about all of it and is accepting the fact that Sam has a life and a spouse she loves. He only wants the truth while his twin brother wants to prove him a phony.

Patient 6 is pretty rational even though he has the support of most of Jason's associates. He acts like the original so naturally, it would seem that he is the one, but is he?

Dissecting the facts surrounding Andrew and Jason

No matter which man turns out to be Jason, there are still many unanswered questions regarding Andrew.

All interested parties in Port Charles will need to dissect the facts and figure out the following. Where has he been all this time and why has no one seen him before now? How did this twin end up at the Russian clinic or the Cassadine facility where he was saved by Robin.

Carly seemed sure on Tuesday that fingerprints from earlier arrests will give the answer. It's possible however that both men may share this form of identification as they do DNA. Loyal viewers will have to keep tuning in each weekday afternoon at 2:00 PM on ABC and not miss one episode of "General Hospital." Fans will also need to keep an open mind as this story progresses.