Increasing numbers of Americans, including white males, are expressing their belief that Number 45 is racist. Time and time again Donald Trump has shown his intolerance for women, minorities, and the LBGTQ community. In the beginning, it was those who are different from the president who pointed out his aversion to diversity. Now, some of his own, WASPS (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) are speaking out on how the president does not seem to be able to tolerate all Americans. This divisive attitude could be in part because of the way things were when the president was growing up.

Donald Trump is power hungry

Donald Trump grew up in a time when all the power players were white males like himself. Barack Obama rising to the highest position in the land may have been a culture shock. When Obama set laws in place that helped women, Latinos, and the LBGTQ community, Trump and his cronies saw this as an erosion of the America they had been used to. This power hungry man may have been determined to return the nation to the days when the government was basically white males.

This is a possible reason for his "Make America Great Again" slogan.There are U.S. citizens who believe what he really meant was to make sure the top leaders in the White House were white. Number 45 has criticized past presidents and even made remarks about running for office himself.

Once Obama was in office, Trump turned up the heat and began attacking him relentlessly, even saying he was not born on the American soil.

Indifference and intolerance reign with number 45

Donald Trump may never have believed a day would come when a man of color would be in the White House and this culture shock troubled him.

The fact that he wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out and he threw paper towels at Peurto Rican's who survived the Hurricane indicate that he really does not know how to conduct himself around Americans who do not look like him.

This was very obvious when the Donald and then wife Marla Maples appeared on an episode of the NBC hit show "The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire." Number 45 seemed nervous and unable to relax in front of the all-black cast.

All former US presidents seemed to put the good of the nation first and attempt to govern all citizens.

The current POTUS continues to play to his shrinking base and give winks and nods to white supremacists almost unapologetically. Donald Trump was elected more than a year ago but has done nothing to bridge the gap with those of whom he seems to be intolerant. This is why more Americans, including some who supported him, believe he cannot deal with diversity.