Steven Strang is the founder and editor of "Charisma Magazine." In a recent edition of, "The Strang Report," he expressed support for Steve Bannon in believing that Donald Trump will win the 2020 presidential election. This indicates a dangerous loyalty to the Alt-Right and not seeing the forest for the trees. Both Bannon and Trump are very unpopular with many Americans, calling them racist and insensitive to the poor. Evangelical Christians are so focused on issues related to abortion and LBGT issues, that they are becoming blind to the problems the Trump presidency is causing this nation.

Impeachment is looming for Donald Trump

As the Russian collusion issue continues to be investigated there is growing belief that it will stop right at the president's feet. His son, Donald Jr., and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, are already under scrutiny, yet Bannon and Strang believe things are looking up for number 45. His approval rating continues to dip and Donald Trump keeps rolling along with Twitter feuds against those who he disapproves of. Many Americans believe he will be impeached but his base remains loyal.

Donald Trump continues to exhibit behavior that suggests he has serious issues with black and brown Americans, yet Strang and his cronies believe the president is doing a bang-up job.

Evangelicals put this man in office even though they heard the "Access Hollywood" tape, and numerous women accused him of inappropriate behavior.

This segment of Christianity actually believes that God put Donald Trump in the White House even though he lost the popular vote. America is a democracy where citizens exercise their right to vote for the candidate of their choice, yet Steve Strang and other Evangelicals ignore this fact and continue saying God placed number 45 in office.

Bannon and Strang are in the minority

Thankfully, the majority of Americans are not in agreement with Steve Bannon and Steve Strang. Most U.S. citizens disapprove of a commander in chief who uses Twitter as a bully pulpit, calls other world leaders names, and is not striving to serve all people in this nation. What makes it worse for Strang, is that he is supposed to be a follower of Jesus Christ, who loves everyone.

it's obvious that the Trump effect lives on.

Evangelicals voted for Trump because he was strongly opposed to abortion and the rights the Obama administration gave the LBGTQ community. They embraced Bannon because he is the polar opposite of Hilary Clinton and her liberal views. They forgot that Christ teaches tolerance and love and that Christianity is much more than views regarding marriage between people of the same gender or the personal choice a woman makes with her body.