Rumors and innuendo have surrounded the Trump presidency since day one with Americans chanting "Treason, Impeach, and Not my president" since November. The Justice Department is promising that the first indictments regarding the Russia probe will be announced on Monday. The suspense is building among those who desire to know what part Number 45 played in all of this. They are waiting to say "I told you so," but even if all roads lead directly to Donald Trump, his loyal base will continue to support him. They have been primed and pumped with "fake news" so these individuals will continue to say it was all a setup.

There are five men who may be indicted

According to CBS News, there are five men who possibly may be indicted on Monday because of their dealings that led to the Russia probe. They are Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort. Any of these five men could be in serious trouble very soon. The irony is that Number 45 continues to talk about "Crooked Hillary." Certainly, Mrs. Clinton should have to account for her actions as we all do, but pointing out her era's in judgment does not change any facts in this matter.

Shifting focus to Hillary does not indicate that this trail will not lead straight to Donald Trump. For whatever reason, Number 45 believes he can deflect away from himself by constantly talking about other people.

He obviously never heard that while you are pointing one finger at someone else, there are 4 that are pointing at you. The Russian collusion issue needs to be quickly resolved and the chips will fall where they may. Either the president and the five men mentioned are innocent or they are not.

The truth about the Russia probe

Even if there were sufficient evidence and president Donald Trump himself were indicted, his base might believe he was set up. Number 45 has been consistent for close to a year in saying that CNN and other news media were lying on him and producing fake news. No matter what has transpired, The Donald changes the narrative to make himself the victim.

His loyal supporters will never accept any credible evidence against him and will probably continue to believe that liberals were out to get him from the start.

The truth regarding the Russia probe soon be known and the chips will fall where they may. Whatever the outcome there will always be those who consider Number 45 guilty no matter what, and his fans will continue to believe he is being set up to fail. The indictments on Monday should tell all Americans what is really going on whether they believe it or not.