The New York Jets have age and coaching on their side. The Buffalo Bills have a better coach and a mediocre offense that could improve. The Dolphins just lost their starting quarterback to an injury and fans cheered the injury. Meanwhile, the Patriots do not look like they should be in first even though they just humiliated the Falcons, and they are leading the Division. It is very hard to imagine the AFC East being a bigger logjam, and the interesting thing about it is that you can see the race getting tighter in the next few years.

The Jets are not dead

The Jets are not dead even though they look like they are. They should be terrible because all they have is Josh McCown and a depleted defense. They had basically no offensive weapons at all, but they are playing well and are playing for Todd Bowles. I once thought that Bowles would lose his job during the season, but he could be coach of the year at this point. I still think that award goes to Sean McVay, but aside from McVay, Bowles is doing the most brilliant job in the league.

The Bills have found something

I truly believe that the Bills have found something in Sean McDermott. He is the right guy at the right time for Tyrod Taylor, and I really think that they can improve a lot of over the course of the next few years because they have all the right people in place.

I do not expect them to utilize Shady McCoy fully, but I do think that they can make their team good enough to bring in more skill position players to maximize the best years of Tyrod Taylor

The Dolphins are a train wreck

The Dolphins saw Jay Cutler go down with an injury, and everyone in the stadium cheered his injury. That seems to be the sentiment, because people were happy to see Matt Moore, but they were happier to see Cutler off the field.

That is very interesting, because you hardly ever see the home crowd cheer the injury of anyone, let alone their own quarterback. I think that the Dolphins made the wrong choice at quarterback, as evidenced by the play and how turned off the fans are. You can hate someone, but cheering his injury says a lot. Yes, fans in Miami are disgusting for cheering for that, but it shows the massive disconnect between the team and the fan base.

The Patriots are okay

The Patriots are an okay team, but they are not as great as they once were. Their thrashing of the Falcons does not count, because the Falcons are not who you thought they were. This division race has tightened because each team has somehow come closer to the center.