In 2016, the New York Jets had just given Ryan Fitzpatrick a lot of money to be their starting quarterback and he had the worst season of his NFL career. Fitzpatrick is now the backup quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and probably wants to forget about 2016, where he threw 17 interceptions and only 12 touchdowns as one of three quarterbacks who played in the season. When asked about the New York Jets quarterback situation this season, Fitzpatrick said that it will be a case of "musical quarterbacks."

An open Jets quarterback competition

New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles is on the hot seat this season.

If the Jets struggle to win again, he will most likely be out of a job by the end of the season. That is one reason that his announcement that there is an open quarterback competition in New York this year is slightly dishonest. Right now, in early offseason workouts, there is competition, but that will probably clear up by the time the NFL preseason starts.

The three quarterbacks competing this year are veteran josh mccown, third-year player Bryce Petty, and second-year player Christian Hackenberg. By the time they get to the preseason, Josh McCown will be the starting quarterback because Bowles wants to keep his job and McCown is the best chance that the New York Jets have to win this year.

Josh McCown

Starting with Josh McCown, he has a ton of experience in the NFL. However, McCown has always played on losing teams and has almost no positive winning experience in the NFL. The other big problem with McCown and the New York Jets is that he is 37 and can't stay healthy. He has never started 16 games in a season for any team in his career.

Even the Cleveland Browns, who really needed a quarterback, wouldn't trust him to remain their starter. He won't last with the New York Jets' lack of weapons, either.

Bryce Petty

After Josh McCown, third-year player Bryce Petty has the second most experience on the New York Jets team, which is scary since he didn't play at all in his first season after the Jets chose him in the fourth round of the 2015 NFL Draft out of Baylor.

In six games last season, Petty completed 56.4 percent of his passes for 809 yards, with three touchdowns and seven interceptions.

Christian Hackenberg

The last name on this list is Christian Hackenberg, who, like Bryce Petty, didn't play a single snap in his rookie season. The New York Jets chose him in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft out of Penn State and would like to see what he has to offer the team. His best year at Penn State saw him throw for 2,977 yards, and he had 48 career touchdown passes with 31 interceptions.