It is a well-known fact that North Korea has been experimenting with nuclear weapons. Hence, its claims of being able to detonate a Nuclear Bomb high above the Earth to generate an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) cannot be taken lightly.

Such an attack would have a disastrous effect on the United States as a whole because it could paralyze the total telecommunication network in the country. In the opinion of an expert well versed in such affairs, an attack of this magnitude could take a heavy toll on human lives.

He has explained that modern day technology is in use in every sphere of our lives.

In case an EMP destroys the electric grid, the infrastructure would collapse. It would throw lives out of gear, and the very survival of mankind would be at stake.

The magnitude of the threat

Daily Mail UK reports that an Electromagnetic Pulse would release a burst of energy that would interfere with, and destroy all electronics. North Korea has claimed to have built a device that can trigger an EMP and has also created a warhead to go along with it. It is difficult to verify the authenticity of these claims, given the secretive nature of the country.

The possible future scenario would be grim because, if such a nuclear bomb is detonated over the United States, it could disable the entire electric grid and associated infrastructure.

It would take a long time for normalcy to return, and people would succumb to starvation, disease etcetera.

Airliners would be hit hard. At any given point of time, there are at least 5,000 aircraft flying over America carrying 500,000 passengers. If the electric grid is damaged by the energy released from an EMP, the aircraft would crash, and result in loss of lives.

What is the way out?

North Korea has kept issuing threats while the United States has deployed its warships in the Korean peninsula, and positioned the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea to counter the threats. However, those who formulate the defense strategies must realize that North Korea continues to remain a problem.

It has earned global condemnation, and sanctions have been imposed on it. In spite of such hurdles, it continues to test its missiles and goes from strength to strength to develop a nuclear bomb. Its activities remain shrouded in mystery which adds to the confusion, and the announcement of a device to trigger an Electromagnetic pulse is a matter of concern. Those who are responsible for finalizing strategies must try to ascertain the accuracy of this claim before deciding on any action plan.