The Green Bay Packers are likely going to be looking at a new running back to join the roster in 2017. By most accounts, while Eddie Lacy is working hard to get healthy, the team is likely going to be going in a different direction. Should the direction be a proven running back who is looking to prove he's still got something left in the tank, Jamaal Charles and Adrian Peterson would both fit, though their costs and upside could be dramatically different.

Jamaal Charles and the bigger risk

When looking at the Kansas City Chiefs running back and how he would fit on the Packers, it's hard not to start thinking about that blazing speed and wonder if any NFL team could ever stop the team's attack.

The downside to Charles is he has had one injury after another over the last few years. In fact, he has appeared in just eight games in the last two years.

If Charles is healthy, he could be a heck of a weapon. This is likely the reason why the Packers are far from the only team that is giving him an extended look. If Green Bay believes he could be a potent addition to the lineup, they might be best served to offer him a small contract and see if competing for a Super Bowl is enough to get him to choose them over other suitors.

Adrian Peterson and the bigger cost

When it comes to the Green Bay Packers and their supposed interest in Adrian Peterson, it's not hard to understand why. The Minnesota Vikings running back has been a thorn in their side for years.

Just like Charles, Peterson has had some problems staying on the field the last few years, but when he's healthy, he's among the best the NFL has seen.

Peterson is also going to cost quite a bit more, simply because he's established himself as the best of the best. The Packers are likely going to be paying more because he was owed quite a bit of money from the Vikings.

There is also the draw of getting a player that has long been thought of as being a Viking for life. Getting to play Minnesota with Peterson on the roster would be a nice poke in the eye of a division rival.