The Browns shocked us by getting their butts kicked by the Bengals. The Bengals have not really scored at all this season, and they suddenly decided to score over 30 points in one game. How could the Browns have looked so bad after starting the season so well? It appears that the Afc North is the Steelers and three other Teams with no identity. It is much easier for the fantasy players around the country to avoid every team in this division aside from the Steelers, and we may need to wait until next season to see if the Ravens, Browns, and Bengals can get it together.

Some coaches will be fired, defenses and offenses will shift, and the division will still be behind the Steelers.

The Browns offense

The Browns offense had a lot of rookie mistakes coming from Deshone Kizer, and they just did not look good at all knowing that the Bengals had gotten Vontaze Burfict back. It is very hard for the Browns to score when they run up on a good defense, and the Bengals seem to have figured them out. The Browns can fix their offense since they are so very new to this, but the Bengals offense has no excuse to suddenly start scoring.

The Bengals offense

There is no excuse for why the Bengals suddenly started scoring. They had a lot of time to get it together, and they simply did not do anything of substance until today.

People might still be calling for Andy Dalton's job, but they need to release that the team may not make a change at all. If Dalton has not be let go by now, he will probably remain the starter the whole season. They can change to AJ McCarron in the offseason, or they will have to sign someone else who is probably boy not the right choice.

Winning so well this weekend actually makes things harder.

The division is pathetic

The Steelers have basically already won the AFC North barring some sort of major injury to Big Ben, and they will coast into the playoffs possibly getting a bye in the first weekend. The Browns, Ravens, and Bengals have not looked consistent at all, and this division will miss the playoffs other than their standard Steelers entry.

The Ravens cannot decide who they are because they have no money to spend, and the Browns are just not experienced enough yet. The Bengals are clearly going to have to fire their coach because this kind of inconsistent play is wasting good years they could have had with great players like AJ Green and Vontaze Burfict. Everyone aside from the Steelers has a decision to make about the future.