Matt Ryan did not look very good on Sunday, but he was not the only person who did not look good. You might have thought that the weekend would be a little bit more predictable as teams in the NFL settle down. We could not have known that it would be so hard for teams like the Falcons or the Titans to score, and now we have to grapple with the teams that are just not performing well on a weekly basis. It does not matter that the Titans and the Falcons lost, but it does matter that they looked so bad while they were doing that.

The Titans

Allowing the Texans to score over 50 points is simply not acceptable, and the offense should have been able to score more against the Houston defense.

Yes, Houston has one of the best defenses in the league, but they are not so good that they will shut out everyone. We thought that Marcus Mariota would be a revelation this season, but he has been up and down over a few games. Losing this badly to Houston makes us all wonder what is going on in Tennessee.

The Falcons

The Falcons let the game slip away, but they never looked great in their loss to the Bills. The Bills were able to exploit the Falcons because of some injuries on defense, but it is very hard to think of the Falcons as a stable team. They are playing poorly late in games, and they just lost to a Bills team that they should have beaten. They are the best team in the NFC, but they seem to have some things that they need to work out going forward.

The Patriots defense

The Patriots offense is just fine. Tom Brady will not play until he is 50, but he is still very good. The Patriots defense will probably be missing people this week because you cannot give up that many points to the Panthers at home. Cam Newton was raising a fist after scoring, and the Patriots just looked pathetic.

They could not keep up with the Panthers for the balance of the game, and they may have a weakness on defense that needs to be corrected sooner rather than later.

The Cowboys

The Cowboys should not have lost to the Rams, and they are clearly in turmoil. They were scoring, but they were not scoring as much as they should have been.

That is a very serious issue for this team, and it is an issue that must be addressed right now. Their defense needs to figure out how to stop people, and they may need to start searching for better players in the second level of the defense.

The Cowboys, Patriots, Titans, and Falcons must correct their problems before they turn out to be on a slide they cannot stop.