The score was 57-14. That is how badly the Texans beat the Titans on Sunday, and the Texans have shown that they drafted the right guy, have the right offense in place, and have a good defense in place. The Texans could easily win the AFC South if they stay on this course, and they could be a competitive team in the playoffs that will be logjammed with good offenses this season. The Raiders and Chiefs look great, and the Patriots are always very good. Can the Texans compete right now, or are we looking at a future project that will be complete in a couple years.

Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson was fantastic, and he must repeat a performance like that every week. The Texans do not need him to throw for 400 yards every week, but they need him to be very efficient. He accounted for five touchdowns on Sunday, and the Texans were able to continue scoring even though they did not need to gain very many yards. Their defense gave them great field position, but they have to hope that they can do that every week. Deshaun Watson is not a hall of famer yet, and he needs all the help he can get.

Throwing to Hopkins

Throwing to Deandre Hopkins has been a very effective way for Deshaun Watson to pick up all his yards, and these two may make a great combination for many years in the future.

You might not have thought that they would be this good this fast, but it is clear that they are more than good enough to keep this partnership up for years to come. Hopkins has a big new contract, and the contract for Watson will have to be adjusted at some point. You do not score 57 points and go unnoticed. The team has their backbone set up, and they have to start competing as soon as they can.

Will the defense last?

The defense in Houston is a little bit older than the offense, and that makes that the offense has to become competitive as soon as possible. They cannot waste the good years of the defense waiting to get their offense completely installed. At this rate, they should probably win a playoff game this year.

Yes, they might end up playing a team like the Raiders, but they just showed that they can beat teams like that.

What about Bill O'Brien?

Bill O'Brien has a year or two to prove that he can win with an offense that is clearly good enough to compete for a title, and he could be fired at any time if the Texans think that he is underperforming. This guy has to be very nervous because he is not exactly known for his consistency. We might see him on the hot seat many times until he loses his job or wins a title.