Rick Pitino has sued Adidas for the way that they have handled the recruits that came through Louisville, and that tells me that he might actually be innocent. If he is going to sue someone in open court, that means that all the things he ever did are going to come out in court. If he were not completely innocent, he could not go to court because he could end up going to jail if he did something that fell within some kind of FBI investigation. I do not know about you, but I am starting to think that this guy is innocent.

Suing is a serious business

You do not go to court with anyone knowing that you are guilty of a single thing. You do not do that when you know every sports reporter on the planet is going to want to see everything that comes out in the trial, and I think that Rick Pitino knows that. So, he is going to court probably very innocent. This also means that he might be able to go back and sue Louisville for terminating his contract if he wins this case. That would really set college basketball on fire because we could start thinking of the rogue assistant as a real thing. These guys might actually be working outside the realm of their head coach, and that would be scary for everyone.

What is a rogue assistant?

A rogue assistant is a guy who gets things done without having to be a part of the overall structure of the team. These guys are the ones who were arrested as part of this investigation, and it should be noted that they have been something of folklore up until now. Rick Pitino might blow the lid off of that by showing that that is how these guys get better jobs.

How many people could he uncover if he were to go through with this lawsuit and win? He might also have grounds to sue the assistant that was doing these things behind his back. I cannot prove if he is innocent, but he might make millions if he wins this case.

What about Adidas?

Adidas probably needs to give up their contracts in College Basketball, or they need to start providing more as restitution.

They might actually find other companies doing the same thing, and that would be just as bad. We already know that Adidas is dirty, but what if companies like Nike are dirty? That would completely crumble the shoe market in a way that we cannot imagine. If schools do not want to have anything to do with these companies, how would we do equipment deals? Or, would the shoe companies have to start giving stuff for free or just for much less money? I am intrigued by the prospects.