I automatically assumed that the problem with the Steelers was Martvais Bryant and how he perceived that the team was dealing with him. I thought that he was just being a knucklehead who was not able to understand that he was in a good situation. However, Big Ben and Mike Tomlin have come out to say that the team is just fine. They want everyone to think that Martavis Bryant is happy in Pittsburgh, and there are a lot of people who should ask questions about they that is. It would have been much easier for them to say nothing, let Bryant release a statement, or be honest about what is going on.

Now that they are lying about it, I have to wonder what else is going on in Pittsburgh.

The Steelers should be fine

I was under the impression that the Steelers were doing just fine. I know that every team has its ups and down, but I thought that the Steelers were going to be alright. This is something that a lot of people assume because the team is run so well. However, their coach and quarterback are lying to the media that everything is fine. What could possibly be wrong if the team has to come out and lie about this situation immediately?

The Bell dysfunction has taken over

I firmly believe that LeVeon Bell has brought his dysfunction to the Steelers locker room and infected people like Martavis Bryant.

I know that Bryant is going to be susceptible to hearing these things and believing because he has already gotten himself suspended for a long time for drug use. He is going to be easy to sway, and that is why the Bell holdout has made things a little bit difficult in Pittsburgh. Maybe Bell is the cancer in the locker room and not Bryant?

Maybe Bryant is just a stooge that Bell can use to show that the skill position players are extremely important.

What are they going to do?

They have been up and down this season on offense, and it is very important for them to get right on offense. The problem is that they have two very unhappy skill position players that are needed for this team to win.

The team cannot win a thing if they do not have all their skill guys on the same page, and these two are clearly going to make it very hard for the Steelers to get it together and overcome the Patriots. As listless as the Patriots are, they are still the team to beat. The Steelers have to do something, and they are pretending that they can just ignore it and make it go away. They cannot lie about this because Bryant and Bell can bring them down this year with a bad attitude.