If someone were to ask me to write down Donald Trump’s accomplishments, I’d have to hand them a blank sheet of paper. The reality is that Trump has been completely unsuccessful as president. Majority of the promises he made during his campaign for president have either been broken or unfulfilled. He’s constantly plagued by negative headlines and is under investigation by a special counsel. Additionally, his approval rating is in the tank and it is unlikely to increase anytime soon, if ever.

So many promises have gone unfulfilled

Trump promised a host of things when he was running for president.

He promised to build a wall on the Mexican border and have Mexico pay for it. Mexico told him, unequivocally, that they refuse to pay for the wall. There still is not a wall being built. He promised to repeal and replace Obamacare with something better, where everyone will be covered. His party has failed repeatedly, to pass any legislation that would repeal and replace Obamacare.

He promised to “drain the swamp,” but he’s filled the swamp since becoming president. He promised to bring jobs back to the US, but the October 2017 Jobs report says 33,000 jobs were lost in September 2017. He promised to put coal miners back to work, which they have not. He promised to bring our factories back and manufacturing jobs.

It must be noted that he’s still manufacturing his products overseas and using cheap labor overseas.

He spends a lot of his time either fighting with the mainstream media, NFL figures, or anyone he thinks is attempting to undermine him. He spends the rest of his time telling us how effective he is, negating his responsibilities to places like Puerto Rico, pitching different groups against each other and lying to his base about almost everything.

These are just a sample of the things this man has done or failed to do since becoming president.

When will an actual president show up for work

Trump has been president for eight long months, during which Trump hasn’t accomplished anything significant.

He’s managed to continue to tank his approval rating and be so utterly unaware that his presidency is in shambles. He doesn’t attempt to at least pretend that he represents the majority of Americans. He makes it abundantly clear that he only supports those people who support him.

He hasn’t done his job and is too inept to govern the United States. The man cannot manage crisis and when he tries to, he makes the situation egregiously worse by telling lies, and each new lie contradicts the last one. He has too many character flaws and cannot fulfill his oath of office; therefore, he doesn’t even deserve to be president.

His presidency has been an utter disaster. It is difficult to fathom how he will ever be able to rectify the damage he has done to himself and his presidency.