In an explosive article for Politico, titled “Inside Hillary Clinton’s secret takeover of the DNC," Donna Brazile, the former interim chair of the DNC, writes that the 2016 campaign primaries were rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. Brazile argues that the DNC was broke, therefore, they were dependent on the Clinton campaign in order to get out of debt. As a result of that agreement, the Bernie Sanders campaign was severely disadvantaged because the DNC was indebted to the Clinton campaign. Some people have read the article and said that what Brazile did was noble, courageous, and commendable for exposing what people had already presumed, the Democratic Primary was rigged.

I firmly disagree. She wasn’t noble or courageous.

Why didn’t Brazile speak up?

Donna Brazile states, in her article, that she was dumbfounded when she learned that the Democratic Party was controlled by the Clinton campaign. She says, “Wait, I said...That victory fund was supposed to be for whoever was the nominee, and the state party races. You’re telling me that Hillary has been controlling it since before she got the nomination?” Later on, in the article, she argues, “It would be weeks before I would fully understand the financial shenanigans that were keeping the party on life support."

What is missing from the article is anything argued by Brazile about the actions she took to dismantle the rigged system.

What is further absent is a resignation letter from her after she became aware of the corruption. She claims, in that article, that she was angry about the financial situation and the ownership of the party by the Clinton campaign; however, she stayed.

She claims that she was outraged upon learning that Bernie Sanders had been cheated.

Nevertheless, she states that she “urged Bernie to work as hard as he could to bring his supporters into the fold with Hillary, and to campaign with all the heart and hope he could muster.” After she realized that Bernie had been railroaded by a rigged process, she asked Bernie to support the person who had kept him from becoming the nominee for the Democrats.

It’s very difficult to argue or believe that she was so outraged by the rigging. If she was outraged then why did she stay, continue to promote Hillary, and urge Bernie to support Hillary? Further, she waited months to inform the public and only did so while she promoted her book that discusses these issues in more detail.

Donna is not courageous

What Donna Brazile admits to in the article is that the Democratic Party is corrupt to the core. Nevertheless, despite knowing this fact, she did nothing to change what was transpiring.

She immersed herself in the problem and tried to hide the fact that the DNC was owned by the Clinton campaign.

Donna didn’t just assist in facilitating a Hillary Clinton nomination, she provided Hillary with a question before a CNN debate. That decision got her fired as a commentator for CNN. However, she currently alleges, after no longer being the DNC chair and losing her CNN job, that her heart was broken by the corruption. She showed no evidence of that until she decided to recently market her book.

Her account of what transpired lays all the blame on everyone but herself. She knew that Bernie supporters were agonizing about what was deemed to be a rigged primary, but she continued supporting Hillary and the DNC and said nothing.

She waited until almost a year into Trump’s presidency to inform Bernie supporters, who fervently argued that the primary was rigged, that it actually was. She allowed Sanders supporters to be ridiculed as “BernieBros” who were deemed a bunch of quacks and delusional lunatics.

Donna isn’t heroic. Heroism comes when you work relentlessly to ensure that every vote counts and democracy has a voice. She’s not courageous. Courage would have been coming forward immediately after she found out that democracy was being stolen by a rigged primary.

Donna did not come forward for the purpose of healing the divisions and wounds plaguing the Democratic Party, but for book sales and money. She didn’t come forward to promote reform, but because she wanted to promote herself. While what she says occurred is likely true, there isn't anything noble about her coming out now. She’s simply too late and her timing is atrocious.