Donald Trump has agreed to pay the Legal Fees of his staff in the Russia investigation. Axios reported that Trump has agreed to use his personal money to pay at least $430,000 in legal fees for his staff. The Russia investigation has been heating up in recent weeks. However, Trump has said, repeatedly, that the Russia investigation was "fake news" and fabricated by the mainstream media. Nevertheless, he is willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for legal fees in a case he believes is fake.

The Russia investigation

Donald Trump, some of his family members, and members of his campaign are under investigation for potential collusion with Russian operatives to influence the 2016 election.

The initial investigation was being handled by the FBI, led by former FBI Director James Comey. James Comey was terminated by Trump because of, as Trump admitted, the Russia investigation. This singular action led to the appointment of a Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, to investigate whether Trump had obstructed justice and abused his power by firing Comey.

In recent weeks, numerous outlets have reported that Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign manager, is likely facing indictments and criminal charges. It has been further alleged that Michael Flynn, Donald's campaign advisor and National Security advisor, may also be facing indictments and criminal charges. However, it has not been mentioned, until now, that his staff was in need of attorneys.

The public was unaware that there was an investigation into his staff or that his staff had information that may be pertinent to this investigation.

Why offer to pay now?

The New York Times reported that Trump’s campaign has spent over $1 million on legal fees in the past three months. Recently, Donald’s former Press Secretary, Sean Spicer was interviewed by Robert Mueller about the Russia investigation.

A former campaign advisor, Carter Page, has been subpoenaed by the Senate, to provide documents and testimony in the Russia probe. It has been further reported that the Special Counsel is looking into limiting Donald’s pardoning powers, which will limit Trump’s ability to pardon anyone affiliated with him that committed a crime.

Additionally, Donald Jr. and Jared Kushner seem to be in a world of trouble after being accused of possible collusion.

The Russia investigation has lingered over Trump’s presidency like a dark shadow. He is accused of obstructing justice in the Russia investigation, having business deals in Russia that he has failed to disclose and possibly colluding with the Russians to interfere in the 2016 election. These claims, if corroborated with evidence, can cost him his presidency. If it is determined that he committed a crime or crimes, he will almost certainly be impeached and removed from office.

This investigation is the greatest threat he is facing.

Trump agreeing to pay his staffs’ legal fees is possibly a way to control what they say about him to investigators. However, it is hard to fathom why he would pay their legal fees if he believes the case is frivolous. Offering to pay his staffs’ legal fees will likely cause a lot of speculation. Nevertheless, it does not seem like the Russia investigation is going to end in the near future.