The Washington Post released a bombshell article claiming that Roy Moore had inappropriate relationships with teenage girls. Roy and his campaign claim the allegations are “fake news” deliberately released to “smear” Moore. However, the Washington Post claims to have spoken to over a dozen sources and that they sought out the victims, the victims did not seek out the Post. Nevertheless, some Republicans have attempted to defend Roy Moore and condemn the actions only if they are “proven” to be true. Republicans must state, unequivocally, that Moore is no longer welcome in their party.

Republicans must stop the hypocrisy

Over the past several weeks, numerous allegations have come out against Hollywood stars and executives that engaged in sexual misconduct. Republican media has spent countless hours exploiting these scandals for political gain. For example, Breitbart wrote dozens of articles about each allegation. They obsessed over every new revelation.

Below is just a sample from Breitbart:

Before the revelations were released about Roy Moore, Breitbart (who has endorsed Moore) immediately released an article refuting the claims made by the Washington Post.

They have maintained their support for Moore.

Breitbart is not alone. Several Republicans in the Senate have made statements about these allegations, saying that if they are “proven” true then Moore should resign from the race.

They have provided the caveat, if they are true, to insulate themselves from having to demonstrably ostracize Roy.

What is evident is that Republicans generally only condemn people that aren’t a part of the party or a part of their movement.

They no longer endorse what is right, but rather endorse what is satisfying. They no longer attempt to mask their hypocrisy and are much more comfortable blatantly exposing it. They have lost their way and must regain their moral compass.

The immorality of the GOP

Moore did an interview with Sean Hannity in which he admitted that he had “friendships” with two of the young girls in the Post story. He acknowledges having many relationships with “young ladies” when he got out of the military. He further alleged that he would ask the “girls'” mothers for permission before he’d take them out. Despite these statements by Moore, the GOP haven’t overtly taken steps to demand, unequivocally without caveats, that he must resign.

It must be noted that this is the party of Donald Trump, who was also accused of sexual assault before he was elected president.

Roy is being accused of serious allegations. He is being accused of child molestation. When it was alleged that a Liberal was accused of sexual misconduct, as many in Hollywood have been accused of recently, Democrats condemned them and did not defend their conduct. Democrats recognized the severity of the accusations and many ostracized the accused. Several have lost their positions, roles, and livelihoods because of the accusations.

The GOP has not uniformly done the same.

The Republicans can no longer insulate an accused individual because the person has an (R) beside their name. A party that alleges that personal responsibility is paramount have failed to live up to these beliefs. They haven’t proven that they can condemn the actions of people within their own party. They are excellent at condemning the conduct of outsiders, but cannot find the moral courage to condemn their own. While there are some who have rebuked Moore, there are several who still support him despite these accusations. Unfortunately, he may win his election despite being accused of pedophilia. Therefore, it is time to ask whether the GOP still have a moral compass.