On Thursday night, Donald Trump once again made headlines due to a controversial remark he made in front of reporters and military leaders. In response, one host on Fox News wasn't pleased with the president's comments.

Fox News on Trump

Ever since Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president back in June 2015, it's become commonplace for the president to make controversial comments. Whether it's about rival world leaders, Hollywood liberals, Democrats, the mainstream media, or even members of his own Republican Party, the former host of "The Apprentice" has not held back his thoughts on a variety of issues.

Since his election win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last November, Trump has only increased his questionable behavior, ranging from labeling any media report he doesn't like as "fake news," to mocking North Korean leader Kim Jon-un as "Rocket Man." Following a dinner with military leaders at the White House on Thursday, the president pointed to those in attendance and said, "this could be the Calm Before The Storm." As reporters asked for clarification, Trump only replied "you'll find out." Trump doubled down on his comments once again on Friday, which led to the issue being discussed during a October 6 segment on Fox News.

While speaking with fellow Fox News host Chris Wallace, host Shepard Smith ripped into Donald Trump over his reckless remarks about the so-called "calm before the storm." Smith noted that if people are living in areas around the country where a hurricane or tornado could take place, "that means there’s a tropical storm or hurricane headed and there’s gonna be hell coming." Smith then noted that Trump making that comment in front of military leaders "suggests that some sort of conflict is brewing."

"Here's the military leaders, calm before the storm is coming.

It’s not exactly a calming, comforting thing," Shepard Smith went on to say. Chris Wallace went on to agree, adding, "it's not." The two then shifted to a recently released Associated Press poll that showed 67 percent of the American people now "disapprove of the president's performance."

Moving forward

Donald Trump's comments raised red flags, especially due to the increased tension between the United States and North Korea. While the White House continues to defend the president's remarks, it remains unclear what the commander in chief meant when he said "calm before the storm."