The word "gang" once meant a group of people, but now, it is negative, and it means a group of criminals terrorizing people. Pop culture widely glorifies most of the atrocities the gangs do and if you stand in their way or you are against them, you risk losing your life. Members of a gang are described as gangsters or mobsters. Gangs are organized, and they undertake more complex Criminal Activities like bribery, murder, extortion, kidnapping, illegal immigration, money laundering, assault, arms trafficking, drug trafficking, and much more. Here is a list of the most popular gangs in the world.

1. Cosa Nostra

According to Nairaland, “Cosa Nostra” is Italian which translates to “Our Thing” in English. The gang is mostly based on the lower east of New York, and it has been growing since the immigration of Italians to the US. They are part of the Sicilian Mafia, and there are approximately 25,000 members of the gang with other 250,000 affiliates from all the world. They are famous for collaborating with other gangs all over the world and are reportedly involved in drug trafficking.

2. United Bamboo

This is probably the gang with the best name, but don’t be fooled, they are inhumane. According to Rebel Circus, there was a time they murdered a journalist in his garage. They are also known as Zhu Lien Bang, and they are linked to other gangs all over the world to help them conduct their illegal and black-market activities efficiently.

They are among the most feared gangs.

3. Mara Salvatrucha

According to World’s Top Most, this is among the most ruthless gangs, and it was started in California. It is also known as the MS-13. The gang is dangerous, violent, and it has around 70,000 members currently. They are responsible for smuggling drugs from other gangs.

Furthermore, they sell guns, kidnap people, steal, and kill for money. It is said that the gang is merciless and doesn’t care about women or children.

4. Los Zetas

The gang is from Mexico, and their primary activity is trafficking drugs, becoming one of the most powerful drug cartels in the world. According to Nairaland, by 2012, the gang was in control of over 11 states in Mexico, making it the largest drug cartel in the country.

They are mostly based in Mexico but also have external connections especially in the United States.

5. Bloods

The gang is based in Los Angeles and has been active since 1972. According to the World’s Top Most the members can be recognized by the red clothes they wear and their red bandanas. The gang is divided into sets, and each has its purpose and specific tasks that it performs. Every set even has its own style of recruiting members. The members recognize themselves through hand signs, body language, jewelry, and tattoos.