I am convinced of two things. First, the media tends to give Trump a reprieve with every act that should be a clear warning that a dictator is at work. Second, I believe Trump, Steve Bannon and Pam Geller, an alt-right writer well known to haters of Islam, are intent on creating a worldwide assault on "radical Islam".

Trump has now completed the second step in this dance of doom. He has disavowed the so-called Iran deal.

This is not a column on military matters nor an attempt to explain the internal realities of Islam's historic tribes and their conflicts.

It is an explicit warning that we recognize the seriousness of the threat Trump's Presidency is. The case for removing him rests on his Islam hate as much as on any crime he may have committed.

Trump is not playing

Trump is serious about two things. The first must be obvious to any objective observer. It is his hate of Barack Obama. I will not try to explain it. I merely want to suggest that Trump cares more about besmirching and obliterating the memory of Barack Obama than he does about any tangible injury he might inflict. This in itself ought to instill real fear in our figurative leaders.

When I say Trump is serious, I mean he is not using his anti-Obama acts as distractions or camouflage.

He does that all the time as a matter of course. He knows it works to keep eyes turned from Mueller. Trump has the serious makings of a functioning dictator who will stop at nothing to feed his true hatreds.

Trump is no less serious about going to war with Islam. He cannot create any rational basis for his desire to foment a war on Iran.

It amounts to a feast of prejudice fed by the likes of Bannon and Geller.

Iran is a convenient target. Remember McCain's "bomb Iran" dance. Google Breitbart and Steve Bannon and Pam Geller plus Iran and you will share my trepidation.

I have little hope

I doubt that many agree with me that the leash Trump is on is far too long. He needs to be gone now. His danger signals are not subtle. They are blunderbuss shots and we are being mauled by them. But courage mandates that we take a stand. We need to call on any sane soul in Congress or the rest of the folk in DC who can act. The time is now, not a week or a month hence. The removal of the President is a political decision based on whatever motivates it.

Reading the signs

I spend my days looking for signs and trying to read them. What you will find in the brief Axios account I have posted above should strike fear into your heart. I will not fish about for my many posts on this subject but you are welcome to visit my Blasting News profile and learn where I am coming from. It is not the hard left. It is the opinion of one who has seen a lot of history and known a lot of the actors in it. Nothing here is meant lightly.