The college football landscape is muddle with a lot of weird games this weekend, and it is the first time in a very long time that we have not had a game between two ranked opponents this late in the season. The conferences all have their uneven spots, and there are many great Teams that are not playing well right now. Look at the teams that stink, look at the teams that are great, and look at who should be better. It is on this list that you will find the problems with college football.


We have a thousand rivalries in college football that are all over the country from something as unassuming as LSU and Ole Miss to teams that truly hate each other like Ohio State and Michigan.

Now, we could never have a final weekend of the season without two Ranked teams playing each other because there are too many rivalry games where the teams are both supposed to be good. We also push midseason rivalries because we know that these teams are usually good. Texas and Oklahoma should be ranked, but Texas is terrible. You would think that Georgia Tech could be better, but they are not. The rivalries finally failed us after all this time.

The leagues are splintering

We are watching leagues split into three parts instead of two. We are seeing leagues have top tier teams, the basement dwellers and a few teams in between. You used to have nothing but good and bad, but now you have this huge assortment that is very hard to muddle through.

Ole Miss is in the middle of the SEC, and Kentucky sort of sits at the bottom. Wake Forest is in the middle of the ACC and not the bottom. That makes each game a little bit strange because we are used to very stark matchups. We either see the great teams play each other, or we see the great teams crush bad teams. Throwing all those mediocre teams in the mix makes some of these games boring because we expect more than we get.

We think that Texas and Oklahoma should be good, but mediocre teams have created a situation where Texas has losses to start the season that leaves them vulnerable.

Talent got spread out

If you grow up in Texas, you do not necessarily want to go to Texas. People have moved all over the country, and they have adopted their local teams.

A guy who moves his family to Atlanta might adopt Georgia, and that is why this kid is going to Athens instead of going back to Texas. The spreading of talent is making these games a little bit less interesting, but it is making more teams more viable.