I am a hyper evangelical. I have no interest in tinpot preachers who come to a small town and tell people they are going to rule the town. I've seen how pathetic that is. I believe if Christians want to follow someone there is a reasonable connection they can make. And it is not with Donald Trump. It is the one Jesus suggested we connect with in Mark 1 and in the Lord's Prayer. Trump is not our Father in Heaven.

I am sick of the media meme that Evangelicals are lockstep for Trump. If they are they are following Evil.

Wow, evil?

Jesus saw evil as hurt and harm.

Even when harm and hurt could not be measured people knew what it was. It's what Jesus got killed for opposing. Jesus piled up crucifixion points by healing on the Sabbath. That was a big no-no. The reason why he healed on the Sabbath is that it is better to save a life than to kill. He scored even worse with his enemies when he started forgiving sins and suggested we do likewise.

Evangelicals know this. I cannot figure out what sort of blindness obtains if they do not see that when Trump starts writing executive orders he does hurt and harm.

I know the answer

The answer is that Evangelicals who like Trump believe him about Obamacare. Obamacare is not the greatest but it is better than what Trump is doing.

Read the following.

The least an Evangelical can do is admit that hurt and harm are evil. It follows that if you cannot afford insurance or the insurance you can buy will not get you the care you need, suffering and death wait in the wings.

Jesus might not be jumping up and down for Obamacare. Jesus did not consult Herod on policy. But he certainly zeroed in on those who were harmed and the hurt and they zeroed in on him.

Who do Evangelicals follow? If they follow their Father in Heaven, his name is Abba according to Jesus. That's Aramaic for a friendly father.

Jesus does not follow Trump any more than he followed anyone else. He reserved his following for Abba alone.


Let's imagine Abbacare. If Abba ran healthcare, it would have to be for all. That is the meaning of Jesus saying, "If you do it for the least of these, you do it for me." The lost and least take precedence. The judgment is on those who do not care for everyone. Exclusion is evil. Ganging up is evil. Anything that hurts and harms is more or less evil depending on degree.

Repent idolatry

Isaiah contains a wonderful passage that Jesus and Paul both quote. It's in Isaiah 6. It is about seeing but not seeing, hearing and not perceiving. Trump is an effective communicator. But his deeds are what count. Evangelicals need to repent their idolatry. The public square is a swamp no matter who rules it. Go for the good and be good, for the good of all.