The Warriors lost their opening game after raising the banner and getting their rings. They were ready to celebrate a title one more time before they started playing this season, and there are many reasons that we should not panic. The Warriors should be just fine, and they need to get the celebration out of their system before they can move on and defend this title.

The Rockets are very good

The Rockets are obviously very good if they could push this Team to the ragged edge, and they have the talent to take a lot of teams to the brink of defeat.

They have started the season with a win, and there are a lot of reasons to trust them going forward. They have shown that they know how to use the people on their roster, and it looked good with Paul and Harden on the floor at the same time. The Rockets are coached well, and the team now has some confidence going into rest of the season.

Golden State is fine

The Warriors are going to be great, and they were almost able to win this game. I hope that no one is panicking in the Bay Area because that would be a waste of energy. The Warriors could go on a 20 game streak without any trouble, and that is why we should let them do their thing now that they are not celebrating. They have their rings, and they have their champagne sprayed in the locker room.

They can move on and decide how to deal with the Rockets. The Thunder might be confident and happy seeing what happened to the Warriors, and that might be a blueprint for a couple upsets.

The Thunder saw what happened

The Thunder saw what happened last night, and they have to think for a brief and fleeting moment that they might be able to beat the Warriors.

I think that if these two different teams are going to plan to use this little loss by the Warriors to make some plays that might help them score when they really need it. That could make it harder for the Warriors to close out a series quickly, but they probably still have more tools in their toolbox than the Rockets or the Thunder.

However, what if the Rockets and the Thunder hold onto this information and wait until the Warriors have to break up some parts of their team? Would that be the time that we see the Warriors start to lose? I know we are talking about many years in the future, but that might be the only way for anyone to beat a team like the Warriors because they are just too good otherwise.

I think the Warriors are just fine, but it would be interesting to look back on this win for the Rockets as the start of something good.