Oakland Raiders Fans are some of the best in all of sports, and they are losing their team at the end of the season. We see a lot of teams have a hard time drawing fans, and that is something that does not really happen in Oakland. There are people who will never lose their teams who do not show up to games, but Raiders fans are cheering for a team that basically spit in their face and decided to run off to Vegas. It is very important for us to remember that certain cities just do not do enough for their teams while others do everything they can.

Who could learn from this?

I think that cities like Atlanta and Miami could learn a lot from the Raiders fans. Miami likes big events, but they need to turn out more regularly because they have at least two good franchises. They have two others that need support, and it could be a good event every night if people just chose to show up. They obviously have plenty of good things to do, but maybe the games would be just as fun if people were willing to turn up.

Why does atmosphere matter?

Young teams love the big crowds because they got used to it in high school and college. High school and college football games are community events, and they tend to be a lot louder and more fun just because they are set up to be as loud as possible.

The young guys in the NFL get jacked up by the sound that they hear around them, and they will respond better if they have good fans who are cheering for them. I think that the Raiders have improved a lot with this young team because they have all these good fans in the stands screaming for them.

Who believes in this team?

The Raiders have a fan base that believes in them and does not come to the games for the experience outside of the game.

There are a lot of people who go to games in new stadiums who were there for the experience and the stadium. They do not necessarily scream for their team, and that does not make the stadium as loud as it should be. You could easily get overrun by another fan base, and that is why there are a lot of franchises that do not have a home-field advantage.

Some teams like Atlanta have a new stadium that is not as loud, and people who come to the games are only the older fans who could afford to PSLs. There are no PSLs in Oakland, and that might cause them a lot of problems when they move to Vegas. What if going to Vegas ruins the Raider nation because people could drive there if they wanted to, but they might not be able to afford it a few times a year.