The Jacksonville Jaguars knelt during the National Anthem when they played in London, and the Team President apologized to a local leader for it. This is a bit like the parents apologizing for their small child. "Little Timmy is really sorry he stole that pack of gum. Aren't you, Timmy?" The Jaguars are a professional football team that you cannot play for unless you are over 20 years old, and that is a really pathetic stance for the team to take. If the players took a knee, they believed that it was the right thing to do. You do not hear them apologizing for this.

Instead, the team has made a statement for them. Who would want to play for a team that will literally speak for you out of turn? At least no other teams in the NFL have done that.

The players made a choice

I was unaware that the Jaguars players were given orders to take a knee for the anthem. I really thought that they made that choice, but the Jaguars are apologizing for them as if they were told to do that. This is the kind of behavior that powerful white men use to make sure that people of color are kept in their place. Treating a grown man like a child is a very strong statement, and it makes a lot of people feel like they are not in control of their lives. These men are playing a brutal game to make the team money, and now they are being treated like spoiled children.

In reality, the spoiled brats are the management and ownership.

The Jaguars need more focus

If you are the Jacksonville Jaguars, you need to be a little bit more focused. You are playing really well, and people are starting to believe in you. Please explain to me why it makes sense for the Jaguars to be talking about something that happened weeks ago when they are in contention in their division and in the AFC?

I would not be talking about this at all, and there are a lot of people who are believing in this team because of their play. Why would the Jaguars take away from the headlines by making headlines over a simple protest that happened in London and literally had nothing to do with the people of Jacksonville.

This franchise is an oxymoron

A man of color owns this team, but he has given money to Donald Trump. He owns a team that took a knee to fight for social justice, but he lets his management apologize for the protest. I am very disappointed in Mr. Khan, and I think that he needs to step up like a man and start acting like what he does matters. His wealth has skewed his mind into thinking he is above reproach.