The Red Sox have beaten the Astros in game three to prevent a disastrous start to these playoffs, but they were bailed out by David Price in a stellar pitching performance. David Price came to the Red Sox to save them with his pitching, and he has done so in this game. However, the Sox cannot expect Price to help them in every game because he cannot constantly pitch in relief. What do the Red Sox do when they do not have David Price to help them?

The Red Sox went to their last resort

The Red Sox used Price as their last resort to prevent this series from ending so quickly.

The Astros are hitting too much, and they have been clutch every step of the way. If David Price is the best player for the Sox, he gave them the best that he had. The Sox cannot continue like this, and they have seen the blueprint for winning in the future. It is quite simple for the Sox to plan to change their lineup, and they will need to make these changes as soon as possible so that they can get back to this point next year and not get stopped by the Astros once again.

Can they extend the series?

The series between the Astros and Red Sox can be extended if they use the David Price blueprint for stopping the Astros. The Astros will need time to adjust, and the Sox might get another game from them before the Astros eventually prevail.

The Astros have all the young talent and clutch hitting, but they can be stopped by a game plan that was created specifically for stopping them.

Are the Astros wasting time?

The Astros are wasting a lot of time because they are giving the Red Sox extra games they do not deserve. The series should have ended, and it will ultimately help the Indians who will likely see the winner in the ALCS.

I would be shocked to see the Indians lose the ALCS after their opponent got worn down in this fashion. The Indians are in prime position to beat anyone who comes to play them because they can stop the clutch hitting from the Astros or the pitching of the Sox.

Are we ushering in a new era of baseball?

The Red Sox are members of a dying breed of baseball teams, and the Astros are members of the new generation.

It is very simple for the Astros to call up younger talent when required because that is all they have, and that is what will ultimately put an end to this series. The Sox are a little too old to win like this, but they might give us an idea of what we will see in the future if they choose to use younger players in a desperate effort to win. A brand new version of the Sox could emerge,