The Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys have a very interesting relationship because they go back to the beginnings of the Super Bowl era of the NFL. These two teams have always enthralled us, and they keep meeting each other in good games that seem to have importance. The Packers have caught up to the Cowboys once again, and that makes it very hard for the Cowboys to prove that they should win the NFC East. They are not playing as well as the Eagles, and the Packers are clearly leading the NFC North. What makes the Packers so much more clutch than the Cowboys?

The Packers have been coached better

The coaching for the Packers is always much better than the Cowboys. It goes back a long way to when Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry were opposing each other after leaving the Giants. Lombardi won all those early meetings, and he set up a scenario in which the Packers always seemed to have the edge. A long drought for the Packers allowed the Cowboys to win several titles, and the Packers came back with Brett Favre and a new front office. They still have the front office that made all those wise decisions in the 90s, and they are using Aaron Rodgers to score and Run the field as fast as they can. They scored so quickly that the Cowboys were shocked, and the game was over.

The Packers have momentum

The Cowboys seem to have a cloud floating over them that they cannot get rid of. They are constantly in the bottom of the league when it comes to late losses, and they never seem to convert when they need to. That is why they have lost so many playoff games in the past, and the Cowboys simply do not have any momentum.

If you went to all that trouble to stop Ezekiel Elliott from getting suspended, you would be very disappointed if the Packers stuffed you on fourth down and one yard to go. It is very hard to feel bad for the Cowboys considering all the bad karma they have built up, and it came back to bite them.

Can the Cowboys catch up to the Eagles

The Eagles won on Sunday, and they are in front of the NFC East with a commanding lead. The Cowboys probably cannot catch up if they continue to play like this. The Cowboys could go on a run and win a few games in a row, but they cannot catch an Eagles team that is far more consistent and well organized. All the work that the Cowboys did to put together the team has gone to waste because they are not focused. You can see it on the field when they do not make plays. The Cowboys have more things to fix than their roster. They need to believe.