Last month's episode on the Red Sox charter plane featuring David Price's “verbal lashing” on Red Sox Hall Of Famer, and NESN color commentator, Dennis Eckersley, continues to spark flames around the Boston media.

Long time reporter, Dan Shaughnessy, earlier this week, cited multiple sources, maintaining that a score of Red Sox players cheered along Price flogging Eckersley over the Hall of Famer's comments about Eduardo Rodriquez's rehab performance.

The story didn't end there as late-Wednesday Boston radio host, Fred Toucher, from 98.5 the Sports Hub, sent out a tweet claiming a source close to Eckersley told him that the former Sox closer was very upset over members of the team including future Hall of Famer second baseman, Dustin Pedroia, clapping after Price berated him in front of the team.

The revelation that Price disrespected a Hall of Famer in such an ugly, bull-headed way, certainly rubbed most people the wrong way. Price didn't exactly deny it, and as a matter of fact, he supported the claim, stating that, “whatever crap I catch for that, I'm fine with it,” according to CSNNE.

While Price has come off as one of the more “unlikeable” players on the team, fans and the media were more put off by the idea that a good bulk of the team displayed a level of disrespect. Toucher's tweet last night, certainly will ruffle a few feathers, as Dustin Pedroia is a fan favorite, and popular with many in the media.

This will add fuel to the fire, as Shaunghnessy also reported that Sox management and club officials have yet to apologize to Eckersley over the embarrassing actions of David Price last month.

Meanwhile, the Sox continue to play inconsistently, losing four out of their last five despite some good pitching. This gives members of the media and fans ammunition to dissect the club as a group lacking leadership and maturity.

Since slugger and sure fire Hall of Famer, David Ortiz, has retired, many wonder who you can point to as the leader of the team.

Who is the leader of this team?

Having a captain or a leader on the team is important. For years, that was the role of David Ortiz. Most assumed that role would go to Dustin Pedroia. This illustrates the opposite of leadership, as picking on an older man and a former athlete who has accomplished many feats, that Price hasn't and probably won't, is something you couldn't picture a leader like David Ortiz allowing to happen.

Conversely, this story will continue to grow legs as members of the media and fans demand Price, manager John Farrell, and Red Sox management issue some form of an apology. By continuing to put the apology off and acting as if the episode on the charter plane never happened and wasn't a big deal, reporters and fans will continue to go after the team and their mediocre play until that happens.

David Price will take the mound Friday and the Red Sox are off today. Will Price and Farrell do what's right and squash this before Friday?