It is very clear that the NFL does not want Colin Kaepernick to be playing, but he should not be signed by the Packers. That would be a bad situation for him even though he can run around and make plays, and the Packers are not the kind of team that makes signings like that. They just do not need to sign someone to replace Aaron Rodgers if they have Brett Hundley on the roster. I can hear the screams of rabid conservatives complaining that I am not consistent with my own arguments, but the fact is that the Packers are literally the last place that Kaepernick should go.

The Packers have someone

There its a backup on the roster that the Packers drafted and surely planned to develop. The difference between this and when the Packers drafted Rodgers is that they knew Favre would be gone soon. He basically threatened them with retirement every year for a few years, and they had to draft someone. Favre even said he had no interest in helping Rodgers, and now Rodgers is, frankly, Rodgers looks better than Favre ever did. I say good for him, and that means that the Packers know what they are doing. They can find someone to help them on their bench, and they can avoid trying to get free agents to come and save them. That would be a waste of money, and it would break their pattern of drafting and developing talent.

Kaepernick would not play in Green Bay

Green Bay, Wisconsin does not seem like the place where I would want to start some kind of revolution in social justice by signing Kaepernick. I think that every team in the NFL should have done their part and actually said that they would do what was right instead of listening to racist fans, but I cannot imagine it going well in Green Bay if that is where Kaepernick ended up.

I can see that side of the argument, but that does not mean that is the only reason they should not sign this guy. Everything points to Kaepernick not being a good fit for Green Bay other than he is mobile.

The grievance might play a part

If the Packers do not want to get caught in the middle of this grievance over collusion, they should stay out of it and not sign Kaepernick.

I truly believe that they do not need him unless they turn out to have a dud for a backup. However, I could not blame them for saying that they do not want to be involved in that grievance because they are a publicly owned team, and technically, the grievance is against everyone who owns stake in the team. Since that is the case, it would be wise to pass.