Todd Frazier has gone from the Little League World Series to the doorstep of the World Series with a home run to help get the New York Yankees back in their series with the Houston Astros. The Astros had a fantastic offensive output when they started this series in Houston, and many different people thought that the yankees would not be able to keep up with the Astros, but they have come back to the Judge's Chambers and gotten back in this series. That home run from Todd Frazier has marked his upward surge into the highest echelon of baseball. We do not know where he will land after this season, but we know that he has earned everyone's respect.

The Reds debut

When Frazier came up with the Cincinnati Reds, he was a fantastic defensive player. He learned from Joey Votto how to wait on pitches, and he has turned into an offensive juggernaut. Many people were unhappy to see him take over for Scott Rolen at third base, but he was a fan favorite when he left. He has now landed with the Yankees, near to where he grew up, and he is clearly in the best position possible to become a superstar. There are a lot of things that could happen, but this home run has made it so much easier for him to get a good job with another team. He might not even win a title this year, but he has made a name for himself.

The Yankees move

The move to the Yankees was one that brought Frazier back home, and there are a lot of people who wanted to see him come home to show how good he really was.

They wanted to see the golden boy come back home and do something special with the Yankees. This is a reality that could not make the Yankees happier, and that is why it is important for the Yankees to honor this guy and make sure that he gets the contract he has clearly earned. He can keep the hot corner for a very long time, or he could go over to first base if that is what they need.

This guy is a spark in the lineup, and there are a lot of people who are going to be able to get on the roster and fill out their proper positions because Frazier is more versatile than most.

Todd Frazier is solid

The beauty of Frazier is that he is a solid presence in the locker room, and that makes his younger Yankees teammates much better at dealing with the pressure of being great.

They were not supposed to be this good right now, and there are a lot of people who could come up with this team and have a much better younger career while they have Frazier in the lineup. Todd Frazier could be the glue of the Yankees for many years.