The Atlanta Falcons are now fielding questions about where Steve Sarkisian calls their plays from, but that has nothing to do with anything. We all know that you can either call the plays or you cannot. I happen to think that steve sarkisian can call plays just fine, and I think that they need to be sure that they have thought about how their culture deals with expectations. Part of the blame is laid on the fans, and the rest of the blame is laid on the team.

Fans have been stung so much

Atlanta sports teams are so feeble that the Falcons cannot even open the roof on their stadium.

They even screwed that up. The GM of their baseball team is basically a mobster in baseball circles where he broke what seems to be like every rule, and their basketball team won 60 games in a season only to get swept in the playoffs. They have lost a hockey team not once but twice, and they have a good soccer team that no one cares about and will probably ruin everyone's day when they lose in the MLS playoffs. The fans get battered and beaten so much that they get nervous about everything. They have a right to be nervous, but the team needs to suck it up and play. You can tell that they listen to talk radio too much because you can see those opinions from the radio turn up on the field. "Oh my God, here we go again," the fans say, and the Falcons think the same thing.

That is how you lose the Super Bowl after winning 28-3 in the third quarter.

The Falcons cannot close

It has been established now that this team cannot close games. They look so bad late in games that I could beat them. You have to be so disappointed in yourself that you play better late in games. Instead, the Falcons go into fan mode and just fall apart.

I remember my dad never watched the Falcons because it was too much for him. He was right to do that, but if you play for the Falcons, you have to keep your eyes on the game.

They cannot win a title

Matt Ryan will go tot he hall of fame because of his stats, and the Falcons might even go to the Super Bowl again, but they will never win a title.

Look at them. This team is not built to win when it really counts, and they are not going to give themselves a chance to win. As soon as something goes wrong, they fall apart. They lost to the Dolphins because they played like fans in the second half, and it is sad to watch.

I would choose a new team if I were you. Tampa fans once picked the Browns because they had Cleveland and Brown Streets. Pick a street and root for someone else.