The NFL has an officiating problem that will not go away. The touchdown that was scored by Austin Seferian-Jenkins on Sunday for the Jets was, in fact, a touchdown, and there was no conclusive Video Evidence that it should have been overturned. However, the person who oversees officials for the NFL said that is was obvious that that was not a touchdown. This is how you know that this league is not even trying. They do not even watch the games they sanction, and they cannot even admit when they are wrong.

It was a touchdown

It was clearly a touchdown because Jenkins had the ball in his possession after he rolled over.

It was in his grasp when he was already on the ground, and he even recovered it if you think that it was lost. You can watch that clip a thousand times, and it is clear that that was a touchdown. The Jets deserved that touchdown, and I find it funny that these officials could not figure that out. They need to be working all year round, and they all need to be fired so we can start over. This includes the person who runs the officials. If you cannot do this right, how could you ever spot the ball? How many yards over the years have been lost and gained because these people cannot see anything?

They do not have control of the games

The referees in the NFL clearly do not have the control over the games that we think they do.

They will mess up a call like this, but they will not call holding on every play where it occurs, offensive pass interference when it happens, or penalize quarterbacks for intentional grounding when it happens. The players on the field must be completely emboldened because they know that the officials must see no more than a tenth of what actually happens.

And you wonder why BountyGate happened at all. No one was paying attention.

Conclusive video evidence

That has been the standard since the beginning of replay because you have always had to have conclusive video evidence to overturn a call. That is why you have to see something that you can clearly explain. I heard an official's explanation as relayed by a radio host, and it made no sense.

These guys do not even know the rules, and they are obviously happy to overturn calls even though what they have is not conclusive. The ball is obscured for most of the video footage of the touchdown. Guess what? You cannot overturn that call unless you have a shot of the ball hitting the ground. You do not, and that makes this a touchdown.