TCU has been given every advantage in the world, and they have watched countless teams lose around them while they continue to win out. We should all be very impressed with TCU, and we need to remember that they have been luckier than anyone else. TCU has been given every advantage in trying to make it to the CFP, and they have been put in a position where they could easily rank highly in the polls after the weekend is over. Washington State lost, Clemson lost, and Oklahoma has already lost to Iowa State. That is why TCU has been given a true gift from God that they needed to be successful.

How did TCU get here?

TCU got here by being consistent and not being flashy. They have gone undefeated so far, and they have been impressive enough to climb through the polls. If you remember, Ohio State did the same thing a few years ago on the way to their first national title under Urban Meyer. They were just really good at the right times, and they were eventually voted very high. They let very little doubt that they could beat anyone, and that is why TCU is in this same spot.

They have to win the Big 12

TCU is not so good that they can just win a bunch of games, somehow lose the Big 12 and still go to the playoff. That sort of conference loser berth is never going to happen again, and this team needs to stay sharp because they could be in big trouble if they do not play well one week.

Everyone is watching them now, and that is a major problem for them. TCU will now get everyone's best shot because people want to see if they can dethrone them. It is very important that we remember that the Horned Frogs have many games to play. We might be happy for them now, but they cannot get stuck by the same bug that bit Clemson and Washington State.

Does Kenny Hill make a difference?

Kenny Hill makes a huge difference even though we are not calling him Kenny Trill anymore. He probably needs a new nickname, but he has definitely made his mark on TCU. The Horned Frogs of TCU needed something that would put them over the top, and Hill looks better than any other passer that has been at the school.

He is going to lead this team close to the CFP, but it is his play that will put them over the top. They are based on defense, but Kenny Hill is the real star of the show.

Can TCU win a national title?

TCU is just as capable as anyone else of winning a national title, but they have to prove they are worthy by winning out. If we are sitting here talking about their loss, it does not matter anymore.