We already have a lot of people in NBA circles who think that the Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo, is going to be the best player ever. A lot of them already like him as the best young player in the league, and there are a lot more who think that his style of play could completely take over the league. Big and flexible wings who can handle the ball and shoot are going to be the biggest thing in the NBA since shooting guards started to take over the league in the Jordan era. We see Kevin Durant is already one of the best, and the Greek Freak is his favorite player.

Scoring in a big body

Scoring in a big body is the most important thing in the NBA right now aside from shooting. The Warriors embarrassed the Cavaliers in the finals because they have both he shooting and a scorer with a big body. Someone who is seven feet tall, can shoot, and will penetrate to the rim is a very dangerous player in the NBA, and that is exactly what the Greek Freak is. He just uses his size to get around people, and he has been so good at such a young age that everyone is passing attention. We need to think about how far he can actually go given that he has a role model in Durant who just won a title.

Leave Milwaukee

He needs to leave Milwaukee because there is no other way for him to get the exposure that he needs.

He is just too good to be in Milwaukee and does not get the press that he deserves. He will have to spend some more time there because he is under contract, but there will come a day where he can leave and make sure that he goes to a team that will help him build his brand. This guy can be one of the best, but he has to be in a place where people will pay attention.

More shooting

The Greek Freak needs to learn how to shoot from all points on the floor so that he can be the point forward that he wants to be. He is very good at going to the rack and making sure that he gets a foul, but he also has to have a way of getting the ball in the bucket when he cannot penetrate a defense. If he can shoot, he is basically impossible to guard, and there will be no one in the league who will be able to stop him because he will just have too many weapons.

That takes the defense off everyone else, and now everyone around him is much better. If he were on a team with more talent, he would be very dangerous because all the people around him would be scoring 18 points a night. A team like that goes deep in the playoffs, and they would have a clear run in the east where there are not many good teams to begin with. The Greek Freak has the tools, but he needs help.