The Chicago Bears get a lot of credit for choosing to start Mitchell Trubisky with an official announcement instead of benching Mike Glennon in the game. someone who gets thrown into the game usually does not do very well when they are young, but the Bears have chosen to give Trubisky a full week to get ready to start. We will see the rawest version of this guy possible, but he will not become the object of ire in Chicago. He is going to be given his best chance to succeed, and the Bears will live with the consequences. I am personally impressed with them, and the planning for the future begins this weekend.

Why now?

The Bears could be doing this for any number of reasons. They are obviously not very good right now, but that does not mean they have to pull Glennon. They probably realized that Glennon could not get any better, and that is when they chose to bench him. He will run the second unit, and Trubisky will find out what it is like to be a starter in the NFL. He could be awful for the rest of this season, but this is his chance to learn how to deal with Starting in the NFL. We cannot make any real judgements about him unless he is very good or catastrophically bad. Let us assume he is great. We will laud the Bears for being geniuses. If he is terrible, we can chock it up to the rookie blues.

There is no losing here because you get to see Trubisky for the rest of the season.

What about Glennon?

He can stay and be the backup, or the Bears can trade him. He should probably be traded to someone else who wants a backup unless the Bears love having him around. They might look at him as the elder teacher, but Glennon might want to go to another team and get another chance.

This is something that they will have to work out internally and announce what their decision is. No matter what Trubisky does, he is the starter for at least the next seven or eight years barring injury. The Bears made that very clear, and they need to remember this decision when they are drafting next year. They can draft for needs that the 49ers drafted for this year, and they can build around their quarterback.

The 49ers are doing the opposite, and it feels a bit like 1986 all over again. Both franchises can turn out to be relevant quickly.

The Bears have to be careful

They have to do all that they can do to make Trubisky confident. They need to guard him carefully, and they need to hope that he spends more time upright than someone like David Carr. Trubisky can be great because the plan seems to make sense.