Richard Sherman has lashed out at people who play Fantasy Football. We give fantasy advice here and there in this column, but we do not do it at the expense of players. However, Football Players do not like being treated as if they are not even human when they get hurt and bust up someone's fantasy team.

Sherman's comments are correct, and they provide a perspective on the game that we often miss because we cannot check everyone's social media feed every day. We might be shocked at how angry people get over fantasy football, and we should stop taking it so seriously.

Why say anything?

Richard Sherman has grown tired of fantasygfootball players acting like guys in the NFL are only there to make their fantasy teams win. Guys who get hurt will cause problems for people who won them in fantasy leagues, but that does not mean anything to players in the NFL. These guys have other things to do because they have lives and families.

They do not want to hear on social media about how badly they messed up someone's fantasy team. A guy who gets hurt could be hurt for a long time, or they could be out of the league. Sherman makes a very good point, and it speaks to how fans approach sports.

Fans need to calm down

As a 49er and Laker fan, I have experienced 15 championships in my lifetime.

It has been a nice run, and I simply cannot get too riled up about my teams doing well or poorly. I want them to do well, but I also understand when they are not playing well. If we get hit with a bad penalty, then we should not have done that. The common sports fan will complain about the refs and say that their team was robbed.

That is the view of someone who has no perspective on sports. They think that they are always right, and they believe that that is what makes them a good fan. A good fan of a team is willing, to be honest about their team. The 49ers and the Lakers are terrible right now. The end. A bad fan is someone who thinks they are worthy of praise for something they have not actually done.

Play fantasy to pass the time

You are more than welcome to play fantasy football to pass the time, but it is not a serious exercise. It is just something that you might win a little bit of money on. You are not breaking new ground by playing fantasy football, and you cannot expect NFL players to care about your fantasy team. They will play for themselves, and you must play fantasy football for you. If someone gets hurt, you need to snap your fingers, say "oh darn," and move on with your life.