Richard Sherman made some comments that got many Dallas Cowboys fans very excited. The Seattle Seahawks cornerback said that it was a dream to see himself get to play for the Cowboys. With all the talk about the relationship between Sherman and the Seahawks being rocky, and talk of trades heating up, Cowboys fans started to imagine dream scenarios that could involve trading for the star cornerback. Some of the dream trades even involved Dez Bryant but what Dallas fans need to understand is that there is little chance that the Cowboys will ever trade for Sherman.

Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks

Richard Sherman asked for a trade after the 2016 NFL season ended. There is word from inside the Seattle Seahawks organization that Richard has never gotten over the team's Super Bowl loss and he has never really forgiven Russell Wilson for that goal line interception that cost them the game. Pete Carroll said that there were no ill feelings towards Sherman but anyone on the team was eligible to be traded.

That comment by Carroll was enough to send Seattle Seahawks fans into a swirl as they started to wonder if they would lose one of the NFL's top cornerbacks, albeit one that played below his normal level in 2016. When the Richard Sherman trade never happened before the NFL Draft, Carroll said that there was little chance it would happen at all this offseason.

In an interview with Sirus XM NFL Radio, Richard Sherman said that the rumors of strife between him, Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, and the Seattle Seahawks were "nonsense" from "anonymous" sources. From the sound of it, there is little chance that Sherman leaves Seattle.

Dallas Cowboys' lack of interest

The two biggest weaknesses for the Dallas Cowboys in their huge 2016 season was their pass rush and cornerback play.

Those two areas are why Dallas lost to the Green Bay Packers in the postseason and that is where the Cowboys tried to fix things in the 2017 Nfl Draft.

Dallas Cowboys Vice President Stephen Jones says to "never say never" but this is one case where it likely means not right now. Dallas drafted three cornerbacks and a safety in the 2017 NFL Draft and would love to see them win playing time as rookies.

That gives the Cowboys three rookies, one second-year player, Orlando Scandrick, and free agent pickup Nolan Carroll II. There is no room for Richard Sherman.

Yes, Sherman would make the Dallas Cowboys better all by himself but he is owed $11.4 million this year and $11 million in 2018. The Cowboys have stopped overspending on free agents and that won't change. While Cowboys fans would love to have Richard Sherman playing in Dallas, it won't happen, at least until he becomes a free agent.