As a huge fan of supernatural movies, games, and TV shows, “The Exorcist” TV series on Fox was one of the best ones to watch. It told the story of a young girl that was possessed by an evil spirit in the form of an old salesman. It also turned out that this evil spirit had some connections with the family.

Aside from the haunted family, this awesome TV story also told the story of a washed-up priest-come-exorcist. He failed one exorcism in the past and it had been haunting him all his life. This new possession might be his redemption for his “great failure.”

With season 2 already started, I have my speculations, doubts, fears, and hopes that it will be a new experience.

Here are some of the things I hope this new season will have.

Explain a lot of stuff

One of the things I want for the Season 2 of this horror TV Show is to explain some of its inner workings. I get that it is part of the show to be mysterious, but I just do not get everything. I want to learn what happened to the mother in great detail - what is currently happening to her soul - and so much more.

Maybe the writers could sprinkle in a few details in forthcoming episodes. Hopefully, these details are not full information about some plot points, as nobody wants to know about spoilers, but some short facts that could clear up some questions.

Continue the story as it is

Another wish that I hope that gets granted is to continue the story as it is and not warp here and there with time jumps o a decade ahead or behind.

In this way, the series could go on for a longer time and it would give details to the on-going battle between the exorcists and the demons. Also, I want to have a glimpse of what happens to the family afterward.

I fear it will drag on too long

While I said that I want “The Exorcist” TV show to continue its story as it is, I also want it to be direct to the point.

Due to the numerous mysterious plot points in season 1, I fear that it will drag on with long explanations and more side-tracked arcs. Hopefully, the story will pick up the pace and go directly to the horror scenes that we all love to see.

Mysterious plot gone with revelations

After the ending of season 1, the big mystery behind the numerous slaughters, mass possessions, and more were revealed.

I hope the next season can still live up to the mysterious feel of the first season because a lot was revealed. Hopefully, the writers could make some plot twists to the story or introduce a new demon that could contradict the current one.

The Exorcist” TV show on Fox is currently in its second season with its first episode having already been shown. So far, the show started strongly, and hopefully, it will continue until the last episode.

Check out the eerie trailer of "The Exorcist" TV Show season 2 here: