The mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday that left more than 50 dead, is just one more horrific incident to add to the list of American tragedies. The President of the United States took a few moments to tweet that he was offering warm sympathy and a "God bless you," to victims and families. Will, however, those who escaped with their lives and the loved ones of the people who were murdered be truly accepting of comments coming from the POTUS? DonaldTrump has released so much hate and vitriol into this nation that it's possible some people may not want him to even address this very sad situation at all.

The responsibility of the president

Murder has taken place since the beginning of time, and mass shootings are becoming all too random in America. Even so, when they happen, most people truly are empathetic towards victims who survive and the relatives and friends of those who did not. Donald Trump may be suspect and accused of tweeting or speaking empty words with no real meaning behind them. The President of the United States has a responsibility to unify the nation, but number 45 has only caused division since November. Some say he does not seem to show true concern for those who are not as rich and powerful as himself.

On the rare occasions that the POTUS addresses the nation regarding current events, he has already offended many U.S. citizens due to his posts on Twitter.

His tweets are often mean-spirited and insensitive, and Americans are complaining. For this reason, it is possible that despite what the president may have meant, he may actually lower his already dismal approval rating. Victims and families affected by the shooting in Las Vegas may be sick and tired of being sick and tired of Donald Trump.

Rather than bring the country together, this man continues to say things that divide, so his condolences may not be perceived as heartfelt.

Trump Twitter tweets leave much to be desired

A quick glance at the president's Twitter page will leave one with much to be desired. In recent tweets, @realDoaldtrump refers to the leader of North Korea disrespectfully as the "little rocket man," and brags that he can do what Bush, Obama, and Clinton could not.

Those who survived the mass shooting in Las Vegas, as well as the families left behind because their loved ones died, are in shock. This is no time for fake empathy and rhetoric. These Americans need real love and support to deal with the tragedy.

Some will be grateful the president took time to acknowledge what happened. Others probably wish he would have stayed quiet and view his "God bless you" and tweets of sympathy, as anything but truly sympathetic.