The Penn State Nittany Lions are ranked number three in the country, and they have the number three recruiting class in the country. James Franklin has had to explain this on Twitter because reports are coming out tying him to Texas A&M. Kevin Sumlin has not even been fired, but he is clearly in the middle of a recruiting war that involves misinformation. I do not believe for a second that he is going to go work at Texas A&M, but I do believe that he at least answered the phone. They would have to give him the world to get him to come there, and it just is not happening.

He should have answered the phone

James Franklin has a right to answer the phone when Texas A&M calls. That is more than fair, and I think that a lot of people are blaming him for that wrongly. He can at least listen. All he has to do is say no if the Aggies are not giving him the moon. He would literally have to be given a free moon with his contract in order for him to go there, and that is ok. That means that the Aggies have to move on to the next team, and Franklin can stay in State College. It is a simple formula, but we get so bent out of shape over dumb things that we forget he is allowed to listen.

Reverse recruiting

If you are getting your butt kicked in recruiting by James Franklin, you are going to do anything that you can do to stop him from stealing recruits from you.

That is why this report has come up. Someone has tried to get recruits to think that he is leaving, and he even pointed that out on his Twitter page. This is why college football is so crazy. There are a lot of people with a lot of gross motives, and they will do anything to ruin it for someone else.

Penn State pride

I think that James Franklin has more pride in Penn State than anything else, and that is something that will lead him to stay with the team for a very long time.

He is very good at what he does, and he likes being there. The man is from Pennsylvania, and he probably feels like he has come home. He could make Penn State great again, and he could make the team so good that we almost forget all the Joe Paterno nasty business. That is why he is an important part of the rebirth of this team, and Franklin needs to stay because he could win a championship at this school as early as this year.

He already recruited the kid who will probably win the Heisman, and now he is ranked third in the country. If you think that he should leave, you might need to get yourself checked out. This is probably Franklin's boyhood dream.