The reserve placekicker for the Pittsburgh Panthers took a knee during the national anthem on Saturday, and that is only the beginning of the story. A German soccer team did the same thing, and a group of cheerleaders from Kennesaw State University did the same thing. These players and participants in sports are taking up the national anthem protest even though they might be alone or have repercussions because of their actions. The cheerleaders from Howard did the same thing, and they were lauded in a beautiful picture of their protest. Are these people doing something that makes a change in the world?


Howard University is probably the most prestigious Historically Black College or University in America, and their cheerleading squad looked amazing during their Protest. It is one of those pictures that you will remember fifty years from now because you can tell your grandkids that you remember when it was posted on social media. It is a picture of these women doing what they believed was right even though they were not in the spotlight. The reserve kicker for the Pitt Panthers did the same thing. He is just one guy, but he knew that he could make a difference in someone's life. At least his fans know that he cares, and at least fans of Howard know that these girls are participating.

German Soccer

The story of a German soccer team taking a knee might shock you because they are so far away from us, but they have noticed how divisive this issue is that they wanted to participate. The protest is taking on a mind of its own where people from around the world will do it, and that is where Donald Trump cannot stop them.

He cannot ask Angela Merkel to have these men fired from their team for kneeling before a game, and he would look even more stupid than he already does if he did. This is the power of protest, and it is why the little people need to take part.

Exposing racism

Cheerleaders from Kennesaw State University were harassed at home by law enforcement after they took a knee during a game.

These girls have been able to expose racism and bigotry in their community, and that is a very big task for someone who simply took a knee for a couple of minutes during a song. However, this is the right thing to do because it shows that we have a lot of work to do in America. The conversation will not end until something changes, and racist cops who harass young girls at home because of a silent protest must be called to account for their actions. We all must take a look in the mirror.